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Can a black hole absorb another black hole?

What Happens When Two Black Holes Collide?

The collision of two Black Holes may be a pretty rare event in our Cosmos.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the ENORMITY and sheer density of these beasts!

A typical super-massive region can harbour a mass anywhere from many millions to several billions of times the mass of our little Sun!

The LARGEST region ever found is within the galaxy HOLMBERG 15A. The region at its core is 15,000 light-years across!!!

Wondering about its mass? …. 170 Billion times that of our teeny little Sun! Yeah, I do know that’s slightly intimidating…

So, what would happen? Such catastrophic events can have 2 possible outcomes…

…. which depends on the speed at which the 2 black holes are travelling, how briskly they’re spinning, and therefore the angle of their collision!

If the 2 Black Holes are spinning at very high speeds and are available together at juuuuust the proper angle,

the smaller region is going to be sling-shotted far away from the larger region and sent hurtling through space! almost like how two spinning coins bounce off one another when made to collide.

The most likely outcome is that they’re getting to come closer and closer slowly until they can’t escape each other’s gravity which they eventually become one!

Such catastrophic events can cause havoc within the neighbourhood!

The Resultant region is what we call a Binary region.

As the two beasts start to merge, there would seem to be a distorted mess of matter.

But, as they are available even closer together, the resulting region goes through a process referred to as Ring-Down.

this is often when any distortion within the shape is slowly dissipated and therefore the new Binary region becomes all the more spherical in shape until any asymmetry is lost!

The Binary region is now once more a swirling vortex of death which wanders around within the Cosmos, like an escaped prisoner, looking for food!

The Energy emitted from the collision is going to be so great that it might send ripples through the Space-Time Fabric of the Universe.

Let’s just soak that certain a moment…

The collision of the 2 black holes is so violent event that it causes ripples within the Space-Time Fabric of the Universe! sort of a gigantic pebble during a pond!

These ripples are what we call Gravitational Waves.

Why is it that these Gravitational Waves are an important branch of physics?

That’s due to they a fundamental component of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity!

The detection of these Gravitational Waves at LIGO prove their existence. it’s a bit of irrefutable evidence to copy Einstein’s Theory also as increasing our own understanding of gravity and therefore the way it behaves!

So, if you see that two Black Holes are close to colliding…. Get the Hell Out of There!!!

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