For what reason can’t Windows PCs have a comparative form quality to MacBooks?

For what reason can’t Windows PCs have a comparable form quality to MacBooks? 

I once kept my Thinkpad Carbon (this meagre little PC above) on my vehicle while i used to be taking care of some stuff.

I later disregarded it and drove off, the PC still on top. 

I began driving and in no time a short time later I heard an unusual crash,

however, expelled it. I was driving at around 40 mph. 

After around 5 mins, I understood what I had done.

I pivoted to the spot where I had heard the crash, and the PC wasn’t there.

A nursery worker working close by disclosed to me that he saw the PC fall onto the solid middle, and the vehicle behind me halted and got it. 

I later recovered the PC from the police headquarters on account of the stunning individual driving behind me. 

Anyway, the cop revealed to me that my idiocy was not exceptionally uncommon,

However, he had seen a ton of these cases. Just, this was the first run through the PC had endured. 

Not simply endure. The thing features a little scratch within the corner, and therefore the backboard was somewhat open, which I snapped back in with two fingers.

That is it. I figure it’d have broken the solid.

What’s more, no doubt, no MacBook can do that .

In any case, better believe it, within the event that you simply need “attractive”, MacBook looks the simplest .

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