For what reason don’t seas freeze?


1 Salts being disintegrated in seawater it’s the purpose of solidification is far underneath 0 degrees C

2 During winter the temperature of water within the surface continues diminishing on the grounds that the surface is in touch with the environment

3 When the temperature of the water goes underneath 4 degree Centigrade cold water rises to the highest thanks to Anomalous Expansion of Water

4 If the temperature of water in the surface arrives at its Freezing Point the water in the surface just freezes 

5 The ice in this way shaped being lighter than water drifts on the water 

6 The ice is a terrible conductor heat So the warmth from the water beneath the ice layer can’t go to the air 

7 Hence the temperature of water underneath the layer of ice can’t go beneath 4 degree Celsius 

8 Therefore the seas don’t freeze

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