How did people deal with the heat while sleeping during the summer before the invention of an electric fan?

I don’t know which societies or to what extent back it halted, yet there was something many ask as a “bamboo wife.”

It was an empty chamber woven with tons of gaps in it, that aside sleeper could wrap their top leg over.

Rather than every leg warming up the opposite , they might along these lines both transmit heat.

Even better, the wide airspace inside the chamber helped air circle. 

I think in exceptionally hot atmospheres beds were likewise structured of materials that helped remain cool.

Regardless of whether that means meagre and on the ground, or up off the ground and once more, flimsy, to permit air to course. 

A few societies even permitted **bamboo polygamy** in any event, for ladies. 

Also, watch out for “bamboo-wed” off kids at youthful ages… 

So those last two were jokes, yet from what I comprehend the idea worked for Summer resting.

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