What technology was available in the 1880s that would surprise most people?

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1880 may be a thrilling date too – right at a duration of hugely important traits.

1885 is regarded because the delivery of the modern-day vehicle when German inventor Karl Benz patented his Motorwagen however a crude issue just like the Benz trike wouldn’t do much to affect .

X-rays had been found in 1895 via Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen however these were not anything compared to trendy technology.

What might motive some gasps became the clockwork chronometer constructed via John Harrison, an English horologist, in 1728 – that’s one hundred fifty years earlier than your date.

Harrison’s chronometer turned into very practical to be used at sea.

It becomes huge pocket watch sized and was so accurate that it allowed longitude to be calculated with five seconds of one degree after a 4,000 mile, month-long, voyage among London and Jamaica.

How’s that?

Now here’s the winner – and a simple one too: the sail-powered clipper ships.

These ships had been unbelievable, thoughts numbingly speedy.

The American Clipper “Flying Cloud” sailed from New York to San Francisco – and bear in mind, this is before the Panama Canal and so the passage changed into spherical Cape Horn – in 89 days covering over sixteen,000 miles. Her record lasted for a hundred thirty-five years.

Here’s “Flying Cloud” – and simply look at the sail she is wearing!

It’s worth stressing that “Flying Cloud” was a shipment carrying bottom , not some stripped-down yacht .

The British constructed, and sailed, “Cutty Sark” became released in “1869” and remains intact, and on show, at Greenwich in London.

“Cutty Sark” – beneath complete sail, as regular.

At her great, “Cutty Sark” became capable 17.5 knots (20.1 mph).

Her best-recorded distance becomes 418 miles in a day averaging 15 knots.

This compares with a contemporary field ship which, in perfect conditions, manages 24 knots.

“Cutty Sark” was sailed ruthlessly tough at the amazing threat to the crew. On one occasion she protected 3,978 miles in 11 days.

Despite these speeds, she carried almost 1000 heaps of cargo.

All this became carried out without GPS, or every other modern navigational aid, and absolutely relying handiest on wind electricity.

Is that superb?


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There has been numerous thrilling feedback made that i might like to convey a number of the observations together during this addendum.

First, the speed of the acute Clippers.

I sail a cutting-edge cruiser yacht that’s constructed for comfortable, pressure-free passages. Occasionally, I even have seen a bit over 10knots at the GPS.

This actually is tummy clenching fast, especially when I have handiest one “crew” – my spouse – and I am on the helm.

At this velocity, with my stage seamanship, I should, in reality, give attention to what I am doing.

Twice this velocity needs to be like flying a current fighter jet.

Next, it’s critical to remember the fact that the fine Clipper ships weren’t just speedy over an hour or an afternoon.

They controlled ludicrously excessive common speeds over tens of hundreds of miles.

To try this, their skippers took reckless risks – and regularly were given matters wrong.

I’m no longer remarkable with information so please correct me if my calculations are slightly out however of the 90 Clipper ships released within the 1850s, 44 were misplaced at sea: that’s a risky way of earning a residing!

The seamanship of the crews became of a remarkably high general, as become their bravery, however, the standard practice became to sail short-exceeded which placed colossal pressure at the crews.

Even a modern-day, prestige deliver because the Cutty Sark sailed with a small group of everywhere between 18–30.

She frequently sailed with a group of 20 men – and this to man a 200 toes, one thousand ton ship with 32 sails and a maximum mast of over 152 toes,

It was dangerous beyond words as is proven by means of the big per cent of Clippers lost at sea.

The truth that the ship will be sailed in any respect is a tremendous credit score to the skill and bravery of the crews.

Like lots of humankind’s inventions at the acute give up in their development cycle Clippers had a very brief existence.

They had been very good at sailing fast earlier than the wind, wearing excessive cost cargoes, however, that was all.

Steamers, and a shift in international alternate styles, killed them.

I wish that we can all celebrate their fulfilment in this very specialised sphere as a lot as we are able to the first lunar landings, notable sonic passenger aircraft and a 200mph electric cars.

They are all wonders – however, constrained.

Fin Finally, you’ll have accumulated that i’m a novice sailor myself – however knowledgeable writer.

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